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Glacier National Park

Fish Creek, Glacier National Park - Credit Diana Ryll Photography
Many Glacier, Glacier National Park, Credit: Diana Ryll Photography
Two Medicine, Glacier National Park, Credit: Eric Fellegy with Going to the Sun Photography

vehicle reservation and park pass are both required to enter 

Vehicle Reservation Information: 

In 2023, a vehicle reservation is required for four areas of the park: Going-to-the-Sun Road, the North Fork, Two Medicine, and Many Glacier. Each location has unique details and requires a separate reservation. 

Reservations can only be booked on

Going-to-the-Sun Road Corridor Three-Day Vehicle Reservations

Required for each vehicle entering through the West entrance from May 26 through September 10, 2023, from 6 am to 3 pm. Required for each vehicle entering through the St. Mary entrance from July 1 through September 10, 2023, from 6 am to 3 pm.

Click above image for additional information. 

Park Pass Information: 

In addition to a vehicle reservation or valid service reservation, visitors must also have a park pass to enter the park. A park pass is your paid entrance fee to the park and applies to visitors traveling by vehicle, motorcycle, foot, bicycle, etc.

  • A park pass is required to access any entry point within Glacier National Park. Park passes do not serve as vehicle reservations or service reservations in vehicle reservation areas.
  • Glacier Annual Pass ($70)
  • 7 Day Private Vehicle Pass ($35) 
- Winter Rate - $25, November 1st-April 30th)
  • Motorcycle Pass ($30)
  • Individual Pass ($20)

Park passes are available for purchase at the park or online at (Site Passes).

Visit Glacier National Park's official website for additional information. 

Going-to-the-Sun Road fare-free shuttle information


The Glacier Institute Going-to-the-Sun Road Day Programs

Choose The Hike That Is Best For Your Group
Tours meet at 320 Nucleus Ave, Columbia Falls at 8:30 am and return at 4:30 pm

Not only do you get an amazing educational experience, you also get into the Park! Participation in a Glacier Institute course acts as your Going-to-the-Sun Road ticket for the day.

Register for Day Program Here 


Live Campground and Parking Status in Glacier National Park

Live Webcams

Plan your Visit Information 


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